DISCLAIMER: EXPERIMENTAL. The attached driver was not extensively tested, and should not be considered final. This is not a release made by Riscure, but rather a hobby project of one of its employees. This is provided as-is, is not guaranteed to work, and no official support is provided. 


This is an Inspector driver for the low-end line of Picotech scopes, the PS2000 series. These scopes retail for under $200, and have a very limited bandwidth (the 2205A this is based on has a 25MHz bandwidth limit). However, we have shown that we can successfully perform an SCA attack on the Riscure Pinata on both software AND hardware AES using this scope.

Install instructions:

2020.1 onwards: get ps2000-2020.1.zip

2019.2.x: get ps2000-2019.2.zip

older versions: get riscure_ps2000.zip

Unzip contents to <Inspector install dir>\lib (e.g. C:\Program Files\Inspector\lib).