When running Inspector, you may run into the following issue:

License ID:         1A2B3C4D

License Status:   Expired

License Version:  3.0

License Type:      Permanent

Although it may seem strange that a permanent license can expire, in almost all cases this is caused by an issue with the computer system clock. The Inspector dongle registers the last time it was used in its internal memory. If Inspector is started while the system clock is lower than the saved value, the dongle will register as expired. In most cases, a change in the system clock is caused by one of the following:

- BIOS update or system crash: The time value may be corrupted, and if your system is not connected to the internet it will not be corrected automatically. Setting the clock to the correct setting manually should solve the problem.

- System migration: If you install and use Inspector on a new or different machine, the can be a minor difference between the machines system clocks. Please synchronize the time of the new machine to the one of the previous one.

If you are experiencing this issue, but this doesn't solve the problem, please contact support for further assistance.