Measuring using a LeCroy with Inspector requires quite a bit of preparation, and there are many ways you can get stuck. Here you will find the most common problems and solutions:

Q1: The LeCroy doesn't show up as an oscilloscope in Inspector

A1: The LeCroy scopes can not be detected by Inspector automatically. You need to add it manually in Inspector by going to "Tools > Hardware Manager... > Add device... > LeCroy" and setting the correct IP address.

Q2: The LeCroy shows as an oscilloscope, but I can't select it from the dropdown

A2: This can have several causes:

1) The Inspector Server is not running on the oscilloscope. Make sure that the Inspector Server program is installed on the LeCroy, and it is running.

2) The LeCroy can't be reached. This means that the IP is not correct, or the packets are blocked by a firewall. To check, open a command window and run a ping command (e.g. "ping" where the IP is the IP of the LeCroy)If the ping doesn't succeed, Inspector will not be able to communicate with the LeCroy. If the ping does succeed, run the ping command on the LeCroy to check whether the LeCroy can reach the computer (replace the IP with the IP of your computer).

Q3: I can select and setup the LeCroy, but Inspector doesn't receive data and seems to get stuck

A3: This can have several causes:

1) The XDEV package is not installed on the LeCroy. Inspector requires this package to be installed. To check this:
1a) On the LeCroy, got to Utilities > Utilities Setup...
1b) go to the Options tab
1c) In the "Installed Option Keys" check if there is an entry that is labeled "XDEV"

2) The scope is not configured correctly. Before starting the LeCroy Server, please run the "Configure LeCroy for Inspector" program included with the LeCroy Server.

3) The scope didn't trigger. This is slightly more difficult to debug, but please check the following:

3a) The trigger channel is connected correctly

3b) The trigger level is set correctly

3c) The trigger timeout is set correctly

3d) If pressing "Single", "Normal", or "Auto" on the LeCroy causes the measurement to continue, it shows that the trigger was not seen by the LeCroy

3e) The scope missed the trigger while arming. Some LeCroys take a bit of time to perform setup of the trigger, and it can happen that the trigger is sent before the scope was ready. This can be fixed by adding a short delay after arming the scope. 

- When using Sequence, simply add a "sleep(500)" directly after the "arm()" command. If this solves the problem, you can try lowering the 500ms delay to speed up the measurement. 

- When using Protocol, open the Inspector acquisition module, check the "Show advance settings" at the bottom of the module window, go to the "Target" tab, and set the "Post-arming delay" parameter to 0.5. If this solves the problem, you can try lowering the 500ms delay to speed up the measurement.