In order to remotely access a workstation, you would need a remote desktop application. TightVNC is a free remote desktop application that is compatible with Inspector SW and lets you control a remote machine. Bellow you'll find the instructions on how to set up VNC for your remote desktop machine and your machine.


You need to install openSSH on both your windows machine and the remote windows machine.

For your workstation:

  1. Apps & features of Windows
  2. Optional features: install OpenSSH Client

For your remote machine:

  1. Apps & features of Windows
  2. Optional features: install OpenSSH Server

VNC Configuration for remote machine

Step 1: Install TightVNC

  • Install it only as a service, not as user application mode by checking the below checkboxes

Step2: Configure TightVNC Service Configuration:

  • use the options from the bellow screen shots

Step 3: Ensure TightVNC service is running under services:

VNC Configuration for your machine

Step 1: Install TightVNC

Step 2: Open the ssh tunnel in the remote machine:

ssh –C –L 5901: remoteMachineName@remoteMachineIPAdress


ssh -C -L 5901: remote_workstation@

Step3: Connect to test machine through TightVNC viewer on the client machine :

  • Remote Host: localhost:5901

Click connect and you will be able to work remotely


In case you cannot connect check you windows port excluding list using this command:

netsh int ipv4 show excludedportrange protocol=tcp

You'll need to use a different port, one that it's not in that list